The Burst and Bloom

by The Burst and Bloom

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released December 23, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Studios in Chicago.
Mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions.



all rights reserved


The Burst and Bloom Chicago, Illinois

Three dudes, native to Chicago, that want to play some tunes for you all!

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Track Name: Counting The Seconds
Wake up counting the seconds.
Time moves slow; it’s not quite morning yet.
Let’s take it down another rung; you had the world and fucked it up.
Let’s take it back to another time.
It was in your hands, but you never tried.

Stay up, counting the seconds.
It’s all you can to try to catch up before you forget to breathe.
Let’s take it down again.
Forgive and forget.
Time and Time again.
Is this all there is?

Wake up, counting the seconds.
Track Name: The Winter Is When You Really Know
January or November; you can’t quite recall.
Breath that billowed into a monument of all you should have said by now.
The words just wouldn’t come.

Give into the vacant sound.
Floating faces, statues saying, “Can you put us back into the ground? Because we can’t stand the way you wear your head.”

The way the camera let the light pass left you underwhelmed.
But after the last flash, there is no second chance.

And we know there is no second chance.
Track Name: Rush And Rescind
t’s a long walk from the train.
The weather looks like hell and there’s a lot to be said
about the people we knew that we won’t ever see again;
the lessons they taught and the holes that they made in
Our lives.
Our dreams.
Our Brainwaves.
Our lack of sleep.

You’re walking alone and it’s pouring; it’s three in the morning again.
Or reading a book in some restaurant drinking coffee and stuck in your head.
And you’re lost again.

It’s a cruel way to begin.
Just getting started and waiting to end.
Time slipping forward just like it has been.
Can you feel it?

And if you would have know that when the gravity rests, the picture resets.
The memories rush and rescind.
And if you want it so badly, why is it you lost yourself again?
Track Name: Over+Over
Don’t you wanna go far away from here?
A long pause..and you say,
“Have you ever seen the way the sky looks close when it gets cold?”
“I know we ain’t got hills, but we got gold”
The way your hands move when all the blood flow’s been cut; the way they crave what they will never know the meaning of.

You can’t kill what you can’t see.
These days.
These weeks.
Move over and over and over again.
Streams of inertia you just can’t understand.

Don’t you wanna know where all the people go?
They got bored and up and died before the final note.
The way they scatter when all the front doors have been shut.
Locked and nailed and boarded up.

The way they crave what they always dreamed, but never was.
Track Name: Feel Good (This Weight)
You’re not alone.
Not when you’re here.
That weight you thought was the entire world was nothing but a tiny sphere, that you carried home.
You put it down to forget about, but in all your words you couldn’t find the perfect ones to sum it up and make things clear.

There is no one coming back for you.
They are never coming back.

Slow it down.
That weight was just a boutonnière; a holdover of what was here.
But it’s covered us and kept us safe within it’s shroud, but it’s over now.

Shed it off.

No one is brave.
No one is strong.
No one is scared.
No one is wrong.
No one is weak.
No one will save.
No one is right.
No one will change.